Terms and Conditions

Wave Catchers is a collection of 3334 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) operating on the Ethereum Network. This website is an interface utilized to interact with Wave Catchers tokens and its on-chain Whitelist Marketplace. All users are fully and solely responsible for the safety and management of their Wave Catchers NFT(s) and the security of their own wallet.

$COCO Token

The utility token $COCO is at the core of the Wave Catchers ecosystem. In the near future, our collection (including all utilities) will be closely tied to $COCO allowing users to leverage the inherent opportunities

1 $COCO = 1 $COCO

Tokens should not be construed or interpreted to hold extrinsic financial value. $COCO has no other functionality outside of the Wave Catchers ecosystem, and $COCO cannot be purchased from The Wave Catchers Developers.

On Liquidity Pools

We will NOT be supplying liquidity, as there are certain legal restrictions for project founders. If someone starts it, we must emphasize that we do not control it. We will not advertise liquidity for the token, as we are constantly integrating new elements and redesigning existing ones of our ecosystem to accrue value to $COCO.